Choose the Strip Detergent that is revolutionizing the way you wash

Leave your clothes clean without leaving waste, plastics and without including toxic ingredients. In addition, they are just as effective as any traditional detergent.


Save in every way with Wash no Waste

Space, weight and money. Wash no waste is much more profitable (only €0.20 for each wash), lighter (100g versus 5kg) and more compact.


You contribute to the Planet 🌍

Wash no Waste packaging is 100% biodegradable and you can recycle it in the cardboard. Additionally, it breaks down in about 3 months, depending on the environment it is in, compared to the 800 years it takes for plastic to decompose.

Suitable for all types of fabrics and colors

No matter the fabric or color of your clothing, Wash no Waste cleans as effectively as any liquid or powder detergent on your white or colored clothing. Check it out for yourself!

You choose how to wash

Whether you have a big load of laundry or need to wash a delicate garment by hand, the Wash no Waste detergent strips can be used in both the washing machine and hand washes.